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tyres repaired and replaced Tyres are quiet often one of the most forgotten part of the motor car, only being replaced when prompted to do so by an M.O.T test or something similar.

In fact the tyres on your car are one of the most safety critical components fitted to your vehicle. Let’s face it they are the only thing between you and road, and for that reason alone are they warrant special attention.
Under inflated tyres will normally cause both edges to wear at an accelerated rate. While over inflated tyres will wear in the centre of the tyre at an accelerated rate, both of these conditions are detrimental to vehicle safety.

Incorrect wheel alignment (tracking) can also cause abnormal and accelerated tyre wear, as well as handling abnormalities I.E vehicle pulling to one side etc. with that in mind most vehicle manufacturers advise that the alignment should be checked on a regular basis.

Tisbury motors are able to deal with your requirements with regard to all your tyre needs. We supply fit and balance all types of tyres (be it for your car, motorcycle, trailer, quadbike etc. etc.) at competitive prices, we will always fit a new valve for safety reasons apart from specialist applications.

We have recently installed the latest Digital Imaging Alignment machinery (this is recognized as the most accurate system and is already approved by many vehicle manufacturers) to assure all your wheels are pointing in the right direction at all times. 

We also have the relevant diagnostic equipment to deal with any tyre pressure monitoring system faults.

Please contact Rebecca or Elaine at Tisbury Motors on 01747 870258 who will be more than happy to deal with your enquiry.

Courtesy cars are available please mention this at the time of booking so that reception can factor this in to suit your requirements.