Tisbury Motors Ltd

Dear Elaine,

I hear from Sue that the Peugeot is home now, safe and well. Thank you for sorting it all out for us, and for the MOT etc too.

I really appreciate your support when we are not there to do it for ourselves, and, whilst I hope we will not need to bring either car in any time soon, I know we can rely on your garage if an when we do!

Thanks again.
Best Wishes


Hi Everyone

Hope you are all ok.

You will recall that I promised to let you know how I felt about the remap you kindly carried out last month. First of all, though, many thanks for your attention on the day. The loan of a car was particularly helpful as, due to matters outside of your control, the exercise took longer than expected.

When I spoke to Matt the day after the work was done, I was a little surprised that I had not really noticed any difference in performance or economy. This was probably due to lack of the lack “wow factor” which others had apparently experienced. I now think that this was due to the fact that the car already had quite a bit of performance and “wow” so I needed a little time to find the extra! This was probably increased by the fact that I had only had the car a couple of months and was still getting used to diesel driving techniques (it is my first diesel car).

You will now be relieved to know that, now I am getting used to the slightly more heavy welly approach necessary with diesels and the narrower power band, I am very pleased with the extra performance. As far as economy is concerned, I have found that with gentle driving such as that to and from Tisbury (due to heavy traffic), I found no difference.

However, on a recent journey from Swindon to Southampton when I used a “press on “ approach and averaged 60mph from my home to the quayside I got 54 mpg. I think before the remap this would have been about 49 mpg, so a significant improvement there. I am sort of finding, therefore, that the faster I drive the better the economy benefits – good job Swindon has done away with its speed cameras!

I hope this is some help if another Mazda 3 owner comes along.

Best Regards

Bernie Sanders