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injection sparking  All diesels ever made and all petrol cars made from the early 90’s employ a fuel injection system of some description, and just like every other part of the modern vehicle, what once was a relatively simple mechanical system is now a state of the art fully electronic system, often interfacing itself with the other main computer systems on the vehicle.
The modern fuel injection system plays a crucial role with regard to emission control and Miles Per Gallon , it is for these reasons alone that it must be maintained within the manufacturers specifications. Over the life span of the average vehicle the fuel injector will open and close tens of millions of times metering exact amounts of fuel into the engine, the additives in modern fuel leave a deposit within the injector and given time this leads to incorrect fuel amounts being delivered and poor spray patterns (this greatly effects emissions)

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Tisbury Motors is equipped to deal with both petrol and diesel injector problems, repairs and recalibrations, returning your vehicle to within the original manufacturers specifications and that all-important MPG.


Please contact Rebecca or Elaine at Tisbury Motors on 01747 870258 who will be more than happy to deal with your enquiry.

Courtesy cars are available please mention this at the time of booking so that recepton can factor this in to suit your requirements.