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Diagnostics on the modern motor car can vary from the very simple through to the extremely complicated.

An example of a simple problem may be the fact that a light does not work and the fault lies within the bulb or a fuse. At the other end of the spectrum you could have an intermittent fault that only happens at a certain speed, in certain weather conditions, at certain times of the day and obviously anywhere between the two.


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we can diagnose all your car faults

Whatever your vehicles fault or problem may be it is imperative that it is investigated by a qualified experienced technician, using the right equipment to pin point the fault in the shortest possible time, therefore saving you the inconvience and cost of a long drawn out and possible wrong answer.

To this end Tisbury Motors has, and is still investing heavily in training/national accreditations for its employees, one of the technicians has just become a BRT (Bosch regional trainer) and now spends some of his time training others within the trade, we firmly believe this is the only way to keep abreast of technology and at the same time give you, our customer, value for money.

We have a comprehensive range of diagnostic tooling which includes the latest computer based software programs for plugging into your pride and joy, oscilloscopes for actually “SEEING”  what is happening, through to basic scan tools for clearing that annoying warning light. As well as all the basic diagnostic tools to make sure the fundamentals are correct I.E. mechanical condition of engine.

This is backed up by a comprehensive information technology portfolio, this is supplied to us by a mixture of sources, vehicle manufactures, BOSCH and Auto data (market leading company in this field).

This ensures that not only do we have the right technician for the job but we also have the right tooling for the job and the latest technical information for the job, the three combined form a quick cost affective, efficient cure for your car.


fault diagnosis in all types of vehicle

Please contact Rebecca or Elaine at Tisbury Motors on 01747 870258 who will be more than happy to deal with your enquiry.

Courtesy cars are available please mention this at the time of booking so that recepton can factor this in to suit your requirements.