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 With fuel costs spiralling, people are looking for better fuel economy without losing performance, TISBURY MOTORS LTD have been looking at ways to help.

To this end we have invested in an ECU REMAPPING SYSTEM it gives you BETTER FUEL ECONOMY, BETTER TORQUE AND BETTER THROTTLE RESPONSE. Are you aware the engine fitted to your vehicle has had it’s intended response and power output intentionally restricted by it’s manufacturer?

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VW Golf 1.9 TDI 52' 130 BHP, very impressive power gain has been really immense - old cliché "like a different car".

The car now feels like a herd of wild mustangs are raring to escape from the bonnet.

Honda Civic 2.2 CTDI 08' 140 BPH, mid-range is incredible third gear onwards most noticeable.

Due to its progressive power it's only when you look at the speedo you realise the shear difference in gain.

Thanks Tisbury Motors, a really professional and friendly approach. Would thoroughly recommend to anybody looking for a quality and trustworthy installer.

Tony Fowler















Why Is Your Car Restricted?
Sometimes it is restricted just for marketing reasons, often just to drop an engine power output in a certain taxation class. This is common with vehicles powered by turbo diesel engines, which are popular with fleet buyers.

This can also be due to them catering for owners not adhering to service schedules and in using substandard fuel (homemade bio-fuel). Vehicle emissions can also play a large part in MPG and performance, vehicles can de-tuned by the manufacturer to comply to the global markets that they sell their vehicles  within.

These restrictions can sometime be put in place by the manufacturer of a popular model that is sold in many different markets, some of which will have a substandard fuel base.  In this case the whole model range would be de-tuned to suit the market with the lowest fuel grade.

We Can Help You Get All The Power and MPG Available

The good news is you don’t have to keep these restrictions in place, you can simply have your engine management  ECU  remapped.

This is usually done via your OBD port and thus leaves no trace of the turbo diesel remapping having been done. The biggest fuel efficiency can be found on diesel’s, but there are economies for petrol vehicles as well.

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