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Digital 4 Wheel Alignment

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 digital 4 wheel alignment

The motor vehicle has been subject to technology changes in every area over the last 20 years. The suspension/steering systems are no exception to this and therefore the equipment needed to check and adjust the steering/suspension systems on these cars has also changed.

Long gone has the quick pop in and check the “tracking” doing this alone to some of the modern systems can cause far more problems than it will ever fix. Most vehicle manufacturers now specify that their vehicles should only be set up/aligned on a approved digital aligning machine, this technology utilizes digital cameras to take images of targets strapped to the wheels and then the computer program then produces a “3 D” image of the car showing the exact position of each wheel on every plane, allowing live adjustments and a print out at the end of the alignment procedure. Vehicle manufacturers normally recommend this procedure being carried out twice a year.

Tisbury Motors are proud to announce that we have recently invested in such an approved piece of equipment and offer a free alignment check whilst we are servicing your vehicle.

We are also able to set road rally and race vehicles to owners own specifications.

This geometry check can also be booked as a stand alone service .

Please contact Rebecca or Elaine at Tisbury Motors on 01747 870258 who will be more than happy to deal with your enquiry.

Courtesy cars are available please mention this at the time of booking so that recepton can factor this in to suit your requirements.